About me

My name is Odysseus Mourtzouchos and I'm a Greek photographer based in Berlin, Germany. I spent a decade in London studying Graphic Design and Architecture (which I still practice today) while pursuing my passion for photography during my frequent travels. Soon, the skill worked its way into my professional projects as I shot everything from people to products, artwork and buildings. 

Photography started as a medium to share my travels, not just as images but as a reflection of my experiences. A good photo for me is one that invokes emotions, one that communicates a genuine feeling. I think that is the truest thing a photographer can share, whether that's through a small detail, a stunning landscape or a penetrating gaze. Of course, technical perfection is often necessary to convey  feeling, but it tends to be empty without it. 

This is the approach I still follow for both my personal and professional projects, and I try to stay true to it as much as I can in every aspect of my work. If you are also interested in my design work, then please check my Design website

If you have an upcoming project, I'd love to collaborate with you! Get in touch via email to discuss details. 

CONTACT //  Email: odysseus.mourtzouchos@gmail.com  // Instagram: @0d_